1. This is a most unusual paragraph - and so is its companion paragraph that follows. This writing may annoy you until you find out why it is so unusual, for you won't find a solution instantly. But don't go into a tailspin about it, for it isn't that difficult. But you will admit that it is most unusual. This writing looks so ordinary that you might think that nothing is worng with it. And, in fact, nothing is wrong with it. But it is unusual, and you must ask why. If you study and think about it, you may find out why, but you must do it without any coaching of any kind. No doubt if you work at it for long, it will dawn on you...who knows? So start to study it now, and try your skill at finding out what is so unusual about this writing. If you can do it in half an hour, you may claim an approach to wisdom, but if you can't do it in half an hour...find our solution
  2. What English word can have 4 of its 5 letters taken away and still retain its original pronunciation?
  3. What happened in 1961 that will not happen again for over 4000 years?
  4. What is it that no man ever saw, which never was, but always will be?
  5. What 3 letters change a girl into a woman?
  6. What always goes up but never comes down?
  7. What 5 letter word can be rearranged 3 different times to get 3 different words each containing 1 more syllable than the last? The word has no duplicates of letters.
  8. Jenn picked a book off the highest shelf in her room. On the spine she read "How to Jog". She ran out of the room and opened the book but found it had absolutely nothing to do with jogging. What was the book about?
  9. A woman owns a shop and the first day she had 13 customers, the second day she had 14 customers, the third 95, and the fourth 62. Following the sequence, how many customers will she have tomorrow?
  10. Eternally I am 1 to 6, Eternally I am 15 to 20, I am always 5, but I am never 21 unless I am flying. What am I?
  11. With no wings, I fly. With no eyes, I see. With no arms, I climb. More frightening than any beast, stronger than any foe. I am cunning, ruthless, and tall; in the end, I rule all. What am I?
  12. I never was, am always to be, no one ever saw me, nor ever will. And yet I am the confidence of all who live and breath on this terrestrial ball. What am I?