These are funny.

  1. A little moron and a big moron were standing on the edge of a bridge. The big one fell off, the little one didn't. Why didn't the little moron fall off?
  2. Why do policemen wear belts?
  3. What's Irish and stays out in the back yard, even when its raining?
  4. Why do people go to bed?
  5. Do they have a fourth of July in England?
  6. How many birth days does the average person have?
  7. Some months have 31 days. How many have 28?
  8. In baseball, how many outs are there in an inning?
  9. Can a California man legally marry his widow's sister?
  10. Divide 30 by 1/2 and add 10. What's the answer?
  11. A doctor gives you 3 pills telling you to take one every half hour. How many minutes would the pills last?
  12. A farmer has 17 sheep standing in a field and all but 9 drop down and die. How many sheep are left?
  13. How many of each type of animal did Moses take on the Ark?
  14. How many 2 cent stamps are in a dozen?
  15. If there are 3 apples, and you take 2, how many do you have?